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Gimme (Edmund) now available

Took me forever, but I finally got around to zipping up some samples along with the latest Gimme (Edmund) and made it available as a release:

Comments or questions, let me know!


News Update 10/13/09

Gimme (Digory) is nearly complete, with Fetch integrated as its new querying engine. Along with Digory come some breaking syntax changes.

View the new GimmeDocs to learn about the updated API.

News Update 3/6/09

I've begun work on a new, stand-alone CSS Querying Engine (codename: Fetch). It's still in early stages and the source code is a bit sloppy. However, it has nearly achieved parity with Gimme's current CSS querying engine, and it passes all of the tests from the SlickSpeed Selectors Test (w/ one exception: pseudo not). When compared with other libraries that use pure javascript implementations (no XPath cheats), Fetch is out performing pretty much every library (at least in Firefox 3, where I do the majority of my testing). And the best part is the it's currently stands at only 2.5k (compressed and gzipped)!

Feel free to to take a look at Fetch (the source is available from the Source Code section), and please leave me your feedback if you try it out (sstchur(at)yahoo(dot)com).


Caspian Arrives!

Gimme v2.0 (Caspian) has moved out of beta and is now available for download at:

Project Description

Gimme is a ECMAScript (or Javascript if you prefer) library designed to make working with "everyone's favorite scripting language" fun again!

The Gimme Promo Site


Visit the Complete API Reference for documentation regarding Gimme's functionality (this is a work in progress)

Quick Sample

g('div.gimme').addEvent('click', clickHandler, false).addClass('pretty');

The above code snippet tells the browser "Gimme all <div> elements that contain the class 'gimme', and add a click event listener to each one that invokes the function, clickHandler when the click event is dispatched. And oh, by the way, add the class 'pretty' to each of those <div> elements while you're at it!"

Demo Page

To see the sample above in action (and other samples like it) visit the Demo Page


Thank you for your interest in the Gimme ECMAScript Library! Due to some licensing restrictions, code contributions from the community will not be accepted, however the Gimme source code is completely free and open to all who wish to view it and learn from it.

If you would like to take the source code of Gimme and create a forked project of your own, you're more than welcome (and encouraged) to do so.

Feature Requests / Bug Fixes

If you're using the Gimme Library and you have need for a specific feature, please feel free to email me: sstchur(at)microsoft(dot)com

If you find bugs in the Gimme Library, please let me know and I will aggressively fix and release updates for the issues.

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